Land! We've Got Land!

What?! Land?! 

That's right.  We're paying off the 5 acres of land for the #joydivineproject in April 2017!  How did we do it?  With help from people like you!

People have been donating their time and talents to raise funds for the purchase of this land! We have sent over $55,000 ($11,000 an acre is a good price outside of Nairobi) and Fred and his board of trustees are now ready to build!  

What do they need?  Funds for the buildings.  So...let's fund some!  Who's with us?

Tell us what your intention is by SAYING IT!

Then, DO IT!

Then, FUND IT!

It really is that simple.  

So...what are you good at?  Tell your friend or tell your dog...just tell someone what you intend to do to get involved and then do it!

And let us know how we can help you.  

Lots of people want to plan KEN-YA DIG IT events and we can help.  Just let us know you're interested by filling out the form below.

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