Michelle & Billy's REFIT® Story #joydivineproject

Michelle started coming to REFIT® in January, right when classes started.  She is one of those talented people who is involved in TONS of things at work.  She wanted to get active again & that's when she found REFIT®!

REFIT®, for me, is a way to take care of myself physically and mentally. The positive vibe that I receive is uplifting to my mind and heart. It is an awesome way to meet new people and get a great workout with some great songs. Not to mention the uplifting message my awesome instructor, April Sunshine, gives us when we are finished with our class for the day.
— Michelle

She loved class...so much so that she invited her husband, Billy, to join us.

Billy had just been cleared by his doctor to start physical activity again after a back surgery.  He was ready to get active again and found REFIT® to be different than his 'usual' workouts.

REFIT®, to me, is different than anything I have tried. I believe it’s the first time n a long while that I have been moved spiritually. Believe it or not the pinky prayer at the end is my favorite part. I can’t say that I’m a religious person but I have been moved several times with out any pressure from anyone.

That’s my second point...I don’t feel any judgement while in the group and the big bonus is its family friendly.

Most of all it my physical health has improved thanks to you and the encouragement that REFIT® is geared to express.
— Billy

They are an amazing match and I'm so glad they decided to come to get REFIT® together!  

Every time they come to class they are supporting the #joydivineproject with their dollars.  So their workout not only helps them stay healthy, but also helps our kiddos in Kenya.  We're raising money to build them a new home.

More about Michelle & Billy:

Michelle is the "Executive" personality type and Billy is a "Consul."  Totally spot on!