Reflections of a 2nd Grade Teacher

Haley Kimbrough - Class of 2017

My first year of teaching was in 2006.  I had just graduated and was on a team with 3 other rookie teachers.  We had no idea what we were doing, but Mrs. Pafford, our principal, seemed to think we could handle it and I was given a class of 20 bright eyed 2nd graders to teach (God bless them).

Thoughts that go through a first year teacher's mind:

  • Did my inexperience stunt my students' academic growth?  
  • Did I screw them all up?
  • Did I do enough?
  • Please Lord, make up for my shortcomings!

Haley was a bright, young mind who was extremely concerned with doing well in school.  She reminded me of Hermione Granger in that way.  I could always count on Haley to be responsible, take care of those whose feelings were hurt, and smile easily.

I asked her what she remembered about 2nd grade:

My favorite memory was when we would take pauses from class and do little dances or sing songs.  We had one we did and it went like,

"Form the banana form form the banana,
now peel the banana now peel peel the banana,
now go bananas go go bananas!"

And we did it with a bunch of other foods too but that was my favorite!!

Also since I was your first class you had this dragon thing we would put stuff in and we voted as a class on what to name it and the name I picked out won and that was pretty cool.

Relief washed over me that she did not mention me arguing with one of my students about the spelling of the word stopped, which he insisted was with one p.  Or that I yelled at my students when they were acting up on the playground (I later learned that yelling is my least favorite and not really an effective form of communication).

She remembered the good stuff.  

We had a BLAST doing her senior photos!  I asked her what it was like having me take them for her 10 years after being her teacher.

Our photo session was beyond fun! It's different experiencing you not as my teacher but you're still the exact same as I had remembered you! At first it totally weirded me out that you kept referring to yourself as April because I've only ever called you Mrs. Hawkins! But after a few times I got used to it. It was especially cool for me to be able to catch up with you and laugh!

I was beyond honored Haley wanted me to do her senior portraits.  She is just as I remembered her: smart, caring and smiles easily.  I am praying many prayers of her and all of my students as they continue through school.  May they be blessed with AMAZING teachers who set their hearts on fire for knowledge and wisdom!

I would LOVE to do senior photos for ANY of my students.  I have 7 classes that will be making their way through their final years in school.  When it's your senior year, please give me a call! 817-995-7507!