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April Sunshine Hawkins

Director of

When April Sunshine Hawkins isn't finding an #excusetodance she can be found snapping photos, adventuring with her husband or eating french fries dipped in ranch dressing. She has 4 Instagram accounts, 0 kids, and around 5 backyard lizards who do pushups in the summer.

@april_sunshine_ @excusetodance @fundedby @fundedbyfitness


Fredrick mwaura

Director of Joy Divine

Fred has been working with Joy Divine ever since his mother had the vision to create it in 1999.  He has helped fund the eduction of many youths and provided a home for them to take them off the streets.  His youngest group has graduated from university and many are giving back to the community that helped support them.

Emily Smith

Board Member,
Instarace co-director

Emily was our InstaRace15 co-director and chief cheerleader in all things FundedBy.  We're so glad to have her on our board.

terry Kile

Board Member

Terry's favorite word is 'STELLAR.' This makes him an amazing human being and friend.  We were so glad to have him come on as a board member this year.